Project Ghana: Shea Butter and African Black Soap Products


Years ago, “Coastal Scents” launched a special partnership with the Sekaf Shea Butter Village in Kasalgu, which is a small African village nestled near Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana, in West Africa.


Project Ghana works diligently to market these products and supply fair wages, while providing important income opportunities to both the women and their families who have very few alternatives. Through this special partnership, “Coastal Scents” has sponsored an annual health insurance program providing over 1,500 women with paid National Health Insurance premiums.


Shea butter is extracted from Shea nuts, produced by the Shea tree (Karite), which is known for its exquisite moisturizing properties. The rich, creamy texture and high content of non-saponifiable fats (Vitamin F) in the shea butter make it an ideal moisturizer, which has been known to help to assist with aging skin, eczema, dryness, and relief from skin irritation. Shea butter may also be used on the hair, as it has been known to help to moisturize dry scalps and may even stimulate healthy hair growth.


For centuries Ghanaians have used black soap, as it has been known that it may help to relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes, and may soothe various other skin issues. African black soap has also been used to achieve beautiful skin and hair. It’s excellent for removing makeup and may help to prevent premature aging and facial lines. Black soap leaves your skin soft, clear and with a fresh glow. Hand-pressed by the village women, this 100% natural soap contains no scents, preservatives, or chemicals.

For more info on Black Soap & Other Shea Products Click Here

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