About “Egyptian Chick Magazine”

I would like to welcome you to “Egyptian Chick Magazine.” The goal here is to bring you some exciting shopping choices and hopefully stimulate your mind as well. The name of the magazine was chosen to represent the type of woman who is drawn to Egypt even if she herself is not technically “Egyptian.” It could be a woman who gains inspiration in clothing and dress from ancient history, belly dancing-someone who enjoys some “cerebral” pursuits as well as the more “sensuous” and “playful” side of her feminine nature. In other words, “femininity and intelligence” are in perfect harmony here.

Products and advertisers highlighted here will be specially selected to help you “cut to the chase” of what you want-the things that delight you-inspire you! Now, and then we may focus on more serious subjects-all a part of your journey as a woman. Thank you again for joining us.






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