“Better Late Than Never”

Susan Miller is about the premier astrologer in the world these days now that Jean Dixon and Sidney Omarr are no longer with us.

Susan is wonderful at what she does but she is often late with her forecasts by a day or two. Well – not always! She’s a real trouper having been through a terrible spate of health woes and the death of her mother in the last few years. I truly admire the fact that she has managed to “hang in there” and continue her life with “the stars.”

Some things are worth waiting a few extra hours for. So, with that in mind – bear with me as I get the April 1st Issue of “Egyptian Chick Magazine” ready for tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed as we will be featuring birthdays and astro profiles of some of the biggest stars of belly dance and music. In addition, a loving tribute to a belly dancer who had another special talent that won her one of America’s top prizes from the United States Government. Hear an intimate account of this fascinating and accomplished woman from someone who knew her well. Highlighting “human rights,” we will  get the latest statistics on an issue that haunts the Middle East and Africa and how we can stand vigilant against it.

So, having said that, I look forward to getting April’s Issue to you sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night! Thank You, Aziza Al-Tawil, Editor in Chief


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“Magic Carpet Rides” with “Lawrence of La Brea”

Well there’s more to “La Brea” than the “tarpits” – and more than just a play on “pop culture” words at “Lawrence of Labrea” a Los Angeles rug showroom run by David Nourafshan. They are proud members of the Set Decorators Society of America and the American Society of Interior Designers and for 22 years or so have provided customers with the best available rugs-from antique to modern.

Lawrence of L

Their showroom is packed with stunning merchandise and if you visit their website you will be drooling. I particularly love the “Chinese Art Deco” pieces. Turkish and Moroccan pieces are also included in their “antique” collection.

Rugs at Lawrence of LabreaShowroom  Lawrence of L

But their website is no less impressive and from there you can shop the beautiful pieces that they offer “no interest financing” on. To view their website and collections follow the link here: “Lawrence of Labrea, Inc” – Fashion Rugs From Antique to Modern

Lawrence of Labrea Showroom

You will be glad you did!

Fabric from Dubai


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Well, after years of procrastination, I finally found and decided on a use for some gorgeous sequin fabric which was described to me when I bought it as being from “Dubai” – that fascinating place of wealth that has a tall building that looks like a sailboat on it’s side.

The fabric is essentially the sequin flowers all attached and ready to be cut apart into whatever applique shape you need. The beads are antique Czech bought by my mother back in the old bead and milinary district in NYC in the late 60’s or early 70’s. One lot is bronze brown and the other is that Purple Bronze with Peacock color spectrum. It will be so neat to finish what will eventually be a belly dance belt.

Just wanted to share a photo of it with you while we work on the April Issue of the magazine. We are starting small with just a few articles but hope it will grow from there. The new issue should be ready by next week. We are starting up with nothing-just some affiliate links in hopes of some revenue. Anyone who wishes to advertise with the magazine please let us know by calling our sales office at (336)710-3623. Thank You, Aziza, Editor in Chief.

Time Out Dubai (Time Out Guides) (“Time Out” is my favorite travel guide!)

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Exotic Jewelry from “Treska” of Fort Worth

“Treska” is a fashion accessories company based out of Fort Worth, TX. Their jewelry is lead and nickel free. The stunning pieces they design right there “Deep in the Heart of Texas” are often categorized into collections named for exotic ports of call like “Burma,” “Mykonos,” and “Zambia.” Please check out their website here: Treska Inc.