Fabric from Dubai


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Well, after years of procrastination, I finally found and decided on a use for some gorgeous sequin fabric which was described to me when I bought it as being from “Dubai” – that fascinating place of wealth that has a tall building that looks like a sailboat on it’s side.

The fabric is essentially the sequin flowers all attached and ready to be cut apart into whatever applique shape you need. The beads are antique Czech bought by my mother back in the old bead and milinary district in NYC in the late 60’s or early 70’s. One lot is bronze brown and the other is that Purple Bronze with Peacock color spectrum. It will be so neat to finish what will eventually be a belly dance belt.

Just wanted to share a photo of it with you while we work on the April Issue of the magazine. We are starting small with just a few articles but hope it will grow from there. The new issue should be ready by next week. We are starting up with nothing-just some affiliate links in hopes of some revenue. Anyone who wishes to advertise with the magazine please let us know by calling our sales office at (336)710-3623. Thank You, Aziza, Editor in Chief.

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